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About me

About me
¡Hola! My name is Carol, I live in Begur (Catalonia). So, I’m a native Spanish and Catalan speaker. I live near the sea with Rita the dog and 5 cats. You can easily say that I’m a crazy cat lady (una loca de los gatos) but it wouldn’t be totally true. Actually I love all kind of animals and my cats were in danger when I found them, so I rescued them, and you know, five can live as cheap as one (donde come uno, comen cinco… ). Usually they are sleeping during the lessons, but Rita sometimes comes to share the class with us.

Me as a teacher

Me as a teacher
I’ve worked as an online Spanish and Catalan tutor for few years, helping foreign students of all levels and age with great results. I started at university volunteering in some NGOs teaching the language to those people from all ages, who had barely arrived in Spain and helping them out to be involved in the local culture and with official documents as soon as possible. Since then I’ve always been involved in teaching languages (even English). My Spanish pronunciation is neutral the same as my Catalan.

My lessons and teaching method

My lessons and teaching method

In the informal lessons, we work on your conversational skills. Every week, I choose a topic to talk about or we can focus on your questions or doubts. We can talk or role play about everything you need (university classes, work, trip), or I can just share with you one of my favourite topics. Further, every week I will send you articles to push you to dive in the language and culture.

For the formal lessons, I focus on the student’s needs and goals. I prepare the lessons based on your requests and I send materials to work with during the lesson and even homework if needed.

I personally prepare the majority of the material that we work on class.

Fun and learning are assured!

My teaching materials

  • PDF file
  • Audio files
  • Sample exam questions
  • Text documents
  • Image files
  • Articles and news
  • Graphs and diagrams
  • Homework
  • Video files
  • Didactic cards
  • Slide show/PPT
  • Questionnaires

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