Learn Catalan & Spanish with Carol Ruiz

¡Hola! My name is Carol, I live in Begur (Catalonia). So, I’m a native Spanish and Catalan speaker. I live near the sea with Rita the dog and 5 cats. You can easily say that I’m a crazy cat lady (una loca de los gatos) but it wouldn’t be totally true. Actually I love all kind of animals and my cats were in danger when I found them, so I rescued them, and you know, five can live as cheap as one (donde come uno, comen cinco… ). Usually they are sleeping during the lessons, but Rita sometimes comes to share the class with us. Learn Catalan & Spanish with me!

The content of this website is in English, although the posts we will publish and the podcast episodes will be in Spanish.


Los vecinos de nuestro patio nos presentamos

Primer episodio de “¡Pero cómo está el patio!”

Por fin ha salido del horno el primer episodio de nuestro Podcast “¡Pero cómo está el Patio!”; después de mucho tiempo trabajando en ello. En este episodio tendremos a Estrella Moretti como invitada en el piso de estudiantes. Iván, el vecino del ático, se presentará y nos hablará del comic “13, Rue del Percebe” ya que tiene una gran similitud con nuestro patio.

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Now it is possible to learn Catalan & Spanish in a fun way

With Carol Ruiz, tutor at iTalki, it is possible to practice  Catalan and Spanish in a fun and enjoyable way, with formal or informal lessons; where you can have conversations, review theory and practice at all levels, and we will work on your conversational skills. I personally prepare the majority of the material that we work on class. Fun and learning are assured! Book your tutoring now!

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